Yantra & Mantra - The tools of Tantra

9am-4pm Saturday 24th November

With Sannyasin Brahmananda

Mantra – sound vibration, and Yantra – abstract form, are the tools of the tantric practitioner. Their combined use is an essential aspect of tantric sadhana and at the roots of the yoga tradition.

Vibration and form always go together, there would be no form in existence without vibration.

Mantra is that vibration and Yantra is its visible abstract form. They are expressions of siva and sakti the manifestations of consciousness and energy.

We will explore these two tools with the creation of the Ganesh Yantra; a process which creates natural one pointedness of mind, can be deeply healing and insightful and is a profoundly transformative yet subtle meditation practice. Ganesh is related to the removing or overcoming of internal and external obstacles on the material and spiritual paths.

The day will involve much mantra chanting, meditation and the step by step geometric construction of the yantra. Asana, pranayama and mudra and will also feature and there will be space to discuss the ideas and theories underpinning these practices.

Materials you will need to bring:

A drawing compass, a ruler or other straight edge, ‘H’ pencil, rubber, sharpener. A couple of sheets of good quality A3 drawing paper or possibly 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper. (perhaps buy a pad or block and share out the paper) We are unlikely to have time to paint it in one day, but if you wish to paint later then it can be drawn onto watercolour paper. A simple board for support, tables and chairs will be available on the day for a more comfortable drawing position.

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