The Foundation Course was designed for those students already practising Yoga that have been attending a Yoga class for at least two years. This course is intended to deepen your understanding of all the aspects of yoga and encourage you to develop your own personal practise.

Meeting on a Sunday once a month over ten months for a full day of yoga with a shared lunch .

If you are interested I am sorting out the finer details at the moment, please register your interest and I will contact you when I have more information to share.

A certificate of attendance is given on completion of the course and this will be a necessary requirement if you decide in the future to study further with The British Wheel of Yoga to become a yoga teacher.


British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course 1 Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to successful students.


  • Students must be a member of the British Wheel of Yoga before applying. You can join at the BWY website here.
  • Minimum of two years class attendance with a suitably qualified and experienced yoga teacher.

Length of Course

The course is held one full Sunday (9.30am-5.00pm) a month over ten months, totalling 60 hours. A full timetable of dates is available upon application.

The Course

The core syllabus includes preparation for practice, asana (postures), mudra (sealing gestures), basic breathing, kriya (cleansing practice), pranayama (breath control), concentration techniques, relaxation and is designed to deepen your understanding and personal practise of yoga in a very practical way, facilitating the appreciation of regular yoga practice on and off your yoga mat You will be required to keep a journal of your personal practice to deepen your understanding and you will also be encouraged to research topics for group discussion.


Lunch will be a personal contribution to a shared light vegetarian meal.