The Non-Linear Movement Method

This class combines aspects of meditation, movement and yoga as a way of investigating your relationship to your own body.

Patterns of stress, tension and closure are first identified and then they begin to be worked on gently to allow for release. Patterns of relaxation and other positive bodily sensations are identified and are nurtured as part of the process. With old stress patterns loosened and with relaxation in the body, there is space for new patterns to be learned in the final part of the method. Each participant is assigned a yoga mat as their personal space to move in. The method is practiced with closed eyes to facilitate an internal explorations of feelings, sensations and emotions. Music is used to set the mood and to help with the journey.

Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels as it can be easily adjusted to suit. It is all about being embodied to your own body, so you move and experience whatever you have got. Typically participants work on all fours on a yoga mat, but can be done seated or even laying down should that be necessary. Each participant goes at their own pace and can move as little or a much as they want to.

A typical participant would be someone who wants/needs to be more in touch with their body. Perhaps a office worker who sits all day in front of a computer, using mental but not physical capacities. Someone suffering from a build up of stress who would find the release of bodily tension patterns useful. The method is also targeted at people interested in self development/self improvement. The same people who are interested in Yoga/Pilates/meditation would find a non-linear session of interest.

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