Nada Yoga Workshop -
the Yoga of Sound

Sunday 7th October 10-4pm

“There is something in the human voice when we sing that isn’t there when we speak.”

George Martin, producer of the Beatles' records.

That ‘something’ is what nada yoga is all about. And in a nada yoga workshop, singing has got nothing to do with selling records or pleasing others. ‘That’s Entertainment’, as the saying goes.

Listening to yourself and others and developing your own singing voice is an exciting journey on the path of nada yoga.  As we refine our ability to give voice and become more and more ‘in tune’ we begin to resonate more and more with the subtle sounds of  the world around us. And we move more and more towards achieving the aim of all yoga practices - union with who we really are. The Divine Self, Higher Consciousness, God, - whatever we want to call it, IT is HERE and NOW.

Hazmat Inayat Khan said that the quickest way to achieve Realization is through singing - and chanting.

“The voice is a light. If a light becomes dim, it has not gone out, it is there.  It is the same with the voice.  If it does not shine, it only means that it has not been cultivated. You must cultivate it again and it will shine once more.”

Hazmat Inayat Khan.

Come to this day on the yoga of sound. Enjoy the sound of your own voice. More and more, enjoy. (Participants will receive a practice CD to help them continue on their path of discovery. )

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