Julie Jurgan

Julie Jurgan has been a medium and healer for quite a few years now. In her Life Readings she focuses mainly on the clients soul energy and bases her 1:1 readings on the insights she gains through her psychic faculties. Julie guides people in her readings who experience certain difficulties or blockages in their lives.

There are two different kind of healing sessions which Julie offers, to suit the clients greatest need.

Restoring the Balance Healing is a Session that will help you to come back into the balance of body, mind and spirit after a period of ongoing stress. It is a relaxing, restoring and calming session.

Trauma Release Healing Sessions are aimed at people who would like to release deep laying shock or trauma from their system. Julie will apply different ancient and modern healing methods to bring the trauma to the surface and help the clients system to release it. These Session are transformative and deeply shifting.

In addition to that Different than normal meditation sessions it is not be about how to still the mind rather than focusing on a certain part that occurs in our lives which is in need of healing. A session is 60min and pre-booking is essential. It is limited to 8 people at a time. In these meditation sessions Julie will transmit healing energies to transform the parts within ourselves that are in need of healing.

Booking via 0750 6032301 or via email julie@blossomofthesoul.org