The Goddess – her sounds and symbols

9am to 4pm Sunday 25th November

With Sannyasin Brahmananda

The Goddess has been alive in every tradition around the world, yet the Indian tradition has preserved her worship in many forms so as to suit each and every practitioner, personality and situation.

Each form of the goddess has her own place, expression, symbolism and relationship to the material and spiritual dimensions of our lives and the associated mantras resonate with those dimensions and expressions of life.

In the Vedic and tantric traditions this has given rise to many different names, expressions and mantras of the goddess, used for thousands of years in acknowledgement and worship of the creative, sustaining and destructive energies as expressions of the great maha shakti. She governs everything in this manifest world from the rising and setting of the sun, to the giving and taking of life, and to each and every thought and feeling in between.

Through asana, mudra, meditation, mantra and song, we will explore, honour and seek to come closer to these expressions and see how we can use her mantras in our daily practice, to imbibe, tune in with, and resonate with her frequency and understanding.

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